(urth) Jolenta the beautiful via Talos

Bob Miller bob_bageera at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 3 04:23:03 PST 2006

Scott K writes: (snips)

 >However, I think it is wrong to attribute Jolenta's beauty to any surgical
 >skills of Dr. Talos. That >would be a case of explaining his abilities in
 >terms of our own age, i.e., he is a doctor so it may >have been a kind of
 >plastic surgery as we know today, or something faster and more advanced.

 >the term glamour didn't always mean mere beauty or celebrity as it does to
 >us, but it is a kind of >illusory spell.  I believe the Doctor may have
 >cast this glamour through some potion or advanced bio-mutagen

Very interesting, thank you.  I had remembered the "adornments" Talos had  
made to Jolenta.  It had always seemed to me that a good deal of her 
attractiveness came from the confidence that she gained under Talos.  Why?  
I well remember stories of a young and slightly mousy looking lady bundled 
up in loose clothes going up to people on the streets of New York City and 
asking, "Would you like to meet Marilyn Monroe?"  And if the answer was yes, 
  throwing back her hood and turning on her persona with a big smile.  This 
was while Norma Jean was studying with Lee Strasberg.

With her Sun(Talos)  leaving her, there was no energy left for her to 
"shower?" on the rest of the world.
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