(urth) The end of Soldier of Arete

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On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 04:16:29 +1100 Michael Straight 
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>One other question.  Pindaros says that when Themistocles wins the
>vase then gives it to the Amazon queen, "peace is forged between
>Theseus's city and Theseus's foes."
>Which of Athens's foes is he refering to here?  And how does
>Themistocles's victory and/or gift to the Amazons accomplish it?  
>Pindaros mean peace between the Athenians and the Amazons?

Theseus was supposed to have kidnapped an Amazon & taken her as his 
wife. When the Amazons invaded Attica seeking revenge, Theseus 
defeated them. 

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