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Michael Straight wrote:
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>> I think there was a deal worked out between the representatives of
>> Gaea and Artemis, in Ch38. Infuriatingly, Latro doesn't say what
>> happened at this meeting, finishing with Elata murmuring, "Now we
>> can begin."
> Especially since Latro promised Elata he would write down in his
> journal what happened there.  This is one of the few places I think
> Wolfe cheated, leaving out something he wanted left unsaid but that
> Latro ought to have written.

Remember, other people have access to the scroll, and even the Latro du 
jour may have had his temporary reasons for censoring it. GW can use all 
of the devices presumably employed in "Seven American Nights" and 
"V.R.T." as well as deterioration due to extreme age.

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