(urth) Jolenta the beautiful via Talos

Scott K scott at skatemonk.com
Sat Nov 4 04:11:40 PST 2006

   I have to admit I forgot about the wires, metal and such- I'm just 
re-reading Conciliator now, first time in about 6 years. Recently 
finished Return To Whorl and Solar Labyrinth (and joined this group), 
so I'm plunging in from the beginning again, like that swim in fetid 
Gyoll, so long ago. I stand corrected by both of you who posted about 
the metal and hair implants.
   But surely it is more than just surgery at work (whatever passes for 
surgery in that far-flung time to those of a class to have access to 
Baldanders' or Hierodule level of technology), so that the overall 
effect is as a glamour in the old sense, an illusory or fast 
biochemical enhancement as if by magic.
   I wonder if Talos could use the machine technology that made Jonas' 
original mech body, which was so much lighter than flesh. Or do I 
remember somewhere that Sev says Jolenta was rather heavy? Perhaps 
Talos' enhancement are not as refined as Jonas-tech, or uses more 
common iron parts or something. Not that there's as much metal used on 
Jolenta, much of it is clearly flesh.
-Scott Kimball

Severian sees "wires and bands of metal" that were placed under 
flesh.  Why would Talos bother with that if he could make her beautiful
with a "glamor" or by raising her self esteem?

What I have always wondered is where Talos took her to perform this
invasive surgery, and how she recovered so quickly.  I suppose it's
possible that the flying saucer descended and Talos did the work in 
but it would have been conspicuous, to say the least.
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