(urth) Soldier of Sidon [possible spoiler]

James Crossley ishmael at drizzle.com
Wed Nov 15 14:16:05 PST 2006

This may qualify as a [SPOILER] for anyone who hasn't finished reading the
latest Latro, but I must admit that I was slightly disappointed that SoS
doesn't even hint at closure.  I know that this is more a function of
publishing practices than Wolfe's own desire to cruelly tweak his readers
(or is it?) but I'd appreciate knowing when we might expect to see the
"completion" of the series.  I wouldn't mind reading another installment or
two, but I hope he's not planning to make Latro a literary decathlete.

By the way, what outlets have covered the book so far? After a quick web
search, I found reviews at scifi.com and on a couple of blogs.  Any
mainstream mentions yet?


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