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Thu May 25 20:16:48 PDT 2006

Roy, all these intertwined posts, combined with your reference to your 
sprawling Dear Dorcas post from days of yore, make it tough to respond in a 
concise organized way. But I'll try.

Regarding the tar stained boatman: He is responding to Severian's statement 
"I saw Malrubius" (under the water).  Why would the boatman (or Mantis) 
think "Malrubius" might refer to Dorcas if he were her husband?  But if you 
were Maxellindis' uncle, who has heard strange women's voices coming up from 
the river, you might think "Malrubius" was one of their names.

Regarding Dorcas' dead husband-  After discussing his shop and Cas' death he 
says an old acquaintance allows him to sleep in a loft; then "There isn't a 
piece of cloisonne in it, or a garment, or so much as a nail from the old 
shop". So I think he is sleeping above his old shop though he doesn't own it 
anymore.  Thus Dorcas can easily find him and doesn't have to bring his dead 
body there.  Hey! Severian thinks people asleep look younger, good call!  
Perhaps he really isn't dead, making his later appearance as Rudesind more 

Regarding Dorcas' personal malaise- Robert Borski correctly notes that the 
invoked Erinyes (or Furies) have the special job of punishing those who 
transgress against family members. But he incorrectly (as I see it) sees 
their target as Severian. It is Meschianne (and later Dorcas herself) who 
talk about Erinyes being summoned against them.

Roy I agree that all Dorcas' dreams seem to suggest she committed a crime 
against her child in her past life.  Are you also suggesting she committed a 
crime against her husband?  Or that her husband committed a crime against 
her? (or both?)  I think your post is unclear about that (but raising some 
very tantalizing possibilities).  Is her cheek scar evocative of Morwenna's 
or of Severian's? (both?)

Dorcas as vampire? I'll need a new post.


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