(urth) Vulpine Talos

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Wed May 10 04:46:50 PDT 2006

Russell Wodell wrote-  "On a totally separate note: Has anyone else wondered 
why Wolfe has never
referred to the two most famous vulpine authors: Thomas Wolfe and Virginia 

I'll use the gentle correction of lupine for vulpine to segue into another 
physical appearance topic:  Which BotNS characters have red hair and is 
there a connection?  I notice Roche, Dr. Talos, Jolenta, Fechin and Daria 
(and possibly Inire).

Roche's hair especially seems to get excessive attention throughout the text 
for such a minor character, notably in Severian's psilocybic dream in the 
hetman's house on Lake Diuturna.

Dr. Talos' fox-like features are also emphasized and I think Jolenta's hair 
color may be a mere reflection of his vanity.  Talos is a homunculus, 
created and grown by Baldanders but what was the original source of the 
cells (or fetus or whatever Baldanders used as source material)?

I plan to discuss the Inire-Fechin connection in a later post.


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