(urth) Truth in eidolons

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Tue May 2 01:38:44 PDT 2006

Before dissolving into nothingness, the aquastor Malrubius in CITADEL said
he and Triskele were "beings created and sustained by the power of the
imagination and the concentration of thought." He went on to say, "The
machine [on the Hierodule ship, which had departed via the Corridors of
Time] looked among your memories and found us. Our lives in your mind are
not so complete as those of Thecla and the old Autarch, but we are there
nevertheless, and live while you live. But we are maintained in the physical
world by the energies of the machine, and its range is but a few thousand

B, F & O said much the same thing about eidolons while in Apu's tomb in
URTH, explaining that mighty Tzadkiel had revived the Severian killed in the
fall on the Ship by using "remembrance taking [taken?] from your dead mind
to build your mind and you anew." That's easy enough to grant mighty
Tzadkiel. And B, F & O had a machine on their craft to do the job of looking
into dead Apu's head to make the new eidolon of Severian they were talking
to. That's okay, too.

They also explained that the eidolon of Severian created by Tzadkiel went on
to eventually achieve independent physical substantiality by eating,
breathing and the like. Then they faded into the past. That's still okay, so
long as they didn't travel too far into the past for the machine on their
craft to sustain his new body. But Severian soon escaped from the tomb and
went far into the future, to the beach on Ushas. Why didn't he dissolve to
nothingness, like Malrubius? We were led to believe that after the New Sun
arrived he lost most of his supernatural powers. What sustained his body on
Ushas long enough for it to achieve substantiality?

Aquastor Malrubius had imparted certain information to Severian, including
"The Key to the Universe". If, as both Malrubius and the Hierodules claimed,
an eidolon's mind is created from the mind of another, then where does the
eidolon's knowledge come from if not the mind of the person it was created
from? How could the eidolon of Malrubius know *anything* not known to
Severian? Godel would not approve.


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