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Hi there,

> You know, for all his babble about Fechin, Rudesind only mentions one
> painting by him; three girls dressing each other with flowers.  To find out
> more about his artwork we have to go to the old person in Casdoe's house.
> In that person's long story we find that Fechin seems to only have two
> things he likes to draw:  young women (spoiler) and himself.  Naturally this
> calls to mind our old Lewis Carrollian friend Father Inire. But it also
> suggests someone else.

I'm at work and sadly didn't bring my novels with me, but off the top
of my head, doesn't Rudesind also mention a Fechin painting of himself
as a younger man (or boy)? I recall him going on for a bit about
cleaning up an image of himself, and about how he wished somebody
would clean him up in the same way.

Also, in the story the old man tells, Fechin draws two pictures, one
on each side of the piece of paper the old man gave him: one of the
girl that he's (presumably) just slept with, and one of the old man.
Where is it mentioned in the text that Fechin has painted himself?

(I hope this goes to the right place, I haven't posted on a mailing
list in years!)

(and also that I'm not completely wrong, heh!)


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