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What you are primarily missing here, I think, is a reference to the 

>Roy, thanks for the responsive and thoughtful (in both senses of the word)
>In regards to 5th Head, I do have a sense of the time frame and when I say 
>think they belong in the same universe I don't mean the immediate story
>blends right into BotNS.  But Sainte Anne and Sainte Croix don't just
>disappear when the 5th Head story ends. They have a future and I see the
>established principles there appear in BotNS.  If you don't see cloning or
>shapeshifting or characters similar to #5 and Phaedria then okay, I do
>accept that. It may be a complete illusion or just a function of Gene
>Wolfe's subconscious interests in that period of his life that I see but,
>what can I say. I see it.
>Perhaps my Atrium of Time post will be more to your liking. It is very nuts
>and bolts.
>Human beings have different sort of brains and it can be nearly impossible
>for unilke brains to see eye to eye.  So instead I'll use this post to
>illustrate not my "rightness" but to illustrate my current position.
>So..take a look at this picture:
>What are your first thoughts? Mine are, "okay, a ring" and "where is the
>jewel?".  Now to me, Roy and mournings glory stop with, "okay a ring".
>If I say "where is the jewel?" they say a ring doesn't need a jewel.  I say
>but "there is a jewel missing!"  They say "we have no reason to think that.
>A ring is a round piece of metal that goes around your finger and looks
>pretty.  This object is a ring, it has all the attributes of a ring, end of
>story, no jewel needed."  "But there is an empty space...never mind, let me
>look around".
>So, I go looking for the missing jewel.  I find a few that don't fit.  I
>find one on the floor, under the table. I try putting it in the empty space
>between the tines and it seems to fit.  Roy and mg say, the jewel is
>worthless or interesting, but adds nothing to the purpose of the ring.  "It
>doesn't make it rounder, or more metallic or fit your finger better or
>prettier".  I say, "well I think it might make it prettier, depending on
>taste and it makes the ring richer and more valuable but...welll....anyway,
>look, there are tines which hold jewels and the tines are empty and here is
>a jewel in the right place, at the right time, with the right shape....".
>Then I give up and write this post.
>In the meantime I have my original inspriation for joining here, Robert
>Borski, yelling over my shoulder from his book that the four doubled tines
>represent the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, which makes it obvious the
>missing jewel is the Star of Nepal.  The filigree on the side of the ring
>looks North African and thus represents the theft of the Star of Nepal by
>the Bey of Tunis. Using cryptonymic analysis we reverse Bey to achieve the
>word YEB, and we know that in Semitic languages a J has a Y sound so the
>ring means the next president of the USA will be you know who.
>A day in the life of Bsharp.  How I suffer in the middle LOL!  In
>seriousness I appreciate all the input, guidance and collaboration I've
>found in this community so far.  It has been just great.
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