(urth) Rudesind of the Apes

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Thu May 25 21:41:42 PDT 2006

Mourning, I'm seeing a pattern. You are absolutely an anti-Rudesindite.  You 
hate his painting, you hate his appreciation of Fechin, you hate his drivel 
and his working class vernacular, you hate the way he throws his feces 
through the bars when he gets mad...okay...sorry..

Anyway, consider your own arguments.  Why DOES Wolfe give this vacuous 
babbler so much story time, strategically placed at the beginning, middle 
and end of BotNS?  We are really supposed to just dismiss him, as you do?

I take issue with your contention that the role I assign him is worthless to 
the story.  To me the parallel to Appian serving as his own servants is 
reinforcing.  Understand that I don't think Dorcas' unnamed husband is 
Charon or Caronus or whatever but....Rudesind. Rudesind the widower, 
Rudesind the advocate of the dead.  I think Wolfe wants us to find the names 
of his unnamed characters, not make them up.

Bonus question- Aside from Lewis Carroll, Father Inire has been compared to 
Daedalus because of all the labyrinths he constructs.  Who then serves as 
his son Icarus who is killed by flying too close to the Sun?


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