(urth) Hierodules & time

don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Thu May 25 00:15:35 PDT 2006

There's a much simpler explanation. They age forward
(their personal timeline goes in the same direction as
anyone else's) but they are traveling backward via the
corridors of time. They are from the future moving
down the timeline to the past. And GW certainly didn't
drop time travel in the LS SS series, imo, but I'm of
the opinion that NS UotNS LS and SS are a single 12
volume novel rather than separate series set in the
same universe.


--- thalassocrat at nym.hush.com wrote:

> It is hierodules who are supposed to travel
> backwards through time, 
> right? I always get the various hiero-levels mixed
> up.
> Whatever, it's a really annoying plot device & I'm
> glad that Wolfe 
> dropped it in the (far, far better, IMO) Long/Short
> Sun books.
> If they actually do move backwards in time then
> surely this must be 
> true of each instant. In which case how do they
> converse with Sev? 
> It's fairly absurd to imagine them constructing
> sentences and then 
> delivering them backwards. But it's even more absurd
> to imagine 
> them delivering those backwards-sentences in
> response to, but 
> before, comments made by Sev.
> Unless they are lying for some reason about
> progressing backwards-
> thru-time. Which would be equally annoying. 
> Bah! Harumph.
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