(urth) Piteous Gate- one last rehash

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Tue May 23 12:34:22 PDT 2006

I think Tony makes good points in his last post.  He pokes a few holes in 
what I thought was an airtight case.

The problem as I see it is that Tony can't see the holes in his own theory, 
which I believe Roy and others have most eloquently presented (Feb 2006, The 
Piteous Gate).

I think Tony considers his Uhlan explanation so clear and obvious that it 
explains why the incident isn't discussed further in detail.  So that 
satisfies him.

But so many others disagree and feel more explanation is needed.  Severian 
doesn't mention the appearance of a monster or man-ape soldiers swarming 
toward Hethor or the cruel behavior of 5 uhlans who almost got Dorcas killed 
or any explanation whatsoever.  It is always "the incident" or "the 
disturbance".  If we ask "why didn't Severian or anyone else explain the 
incident?" the only sure answer we can make is because Wolfe won't let them 
(or per Tony, Wolfe doesn't see any need).

To me it is like seeing a blacked out portion on a page of text.  We can 
dismiss it as nothing, just part of the text. Or we can deduce that someone 
blacked it out on purpose, wonder about the purpose and wonder what was 

If Wolfe is true to form on this mystery, there is one big, fat hint hiding 
somewhere in the text, out of context, and a lot of small vague hints. I 
guess if we can't find it then Tony might be right.

Perhaps if it can't be found, then Tony is right.

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