(urth) Borski and cacogens (Long)

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 17:18:52 PDT 2006

Mark Millman writes:

>It may be the case that the use of "sibyl" in Long Sun is a deliberate 
>reference to the Cumaean,
>but it seems very unlikely that Wolfe was sowing seeds for Long Sun when he 
>wrote the >Cumaean.

I think some Wolfe worshipers  have the idea that he had Wizard Knight 
mentally complete before he wrote Island of Doctor Death.

But when I mention the connection of the sibyls (sorry@ prev. spelling) in 
Long Sun to BotNS I meant the backward, not forward connection.  That is 
much easier to defend and much less speculative since the previous work can 
be demonstrated to be in existence during the writing of the later work.

For this same reason I am much more prone to noting the connections of BotNS 
to 5th Head of Cerberus than later works.


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