(urth) Gene Wolfe at Balticon

peter heyneman pheyneman at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 06:21:18 PDT 2006

Actually, it looks to I like Mr. Wolfe will be at three seperate events, and 
may even be around for annoying questions all weekend.

3:30 pm
Special GoH: Gene Wolfe (introduced by Lisa Snellings-Clark)
11:00 am
Neil Gaiman/Gene Wolfe Panel
1:00 pm
Gene Wolfe Kaffeklatsch (??? Some kind of of coffehour? Hopefully!)

I live in the area, so if any participants want info about lovely suburban 
B-more, want to send me annoying questions to pose to the man, or just want 
to say hi to other list lurkers give me a holler.



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>  From the program on the website www.balticon.org it looks as though
>Mr. Wolfe is only scheduled for a panel on sunday morning at 11am. My
>guess is he doesn't do much milling around and hanging out at cons
>these days, so that's probably the time to see him.
>I guess he'll be going to saturday morning mass that weekend...
>On May 19, 2006, at 3:53 PM, Rob Davies wrote:
> > Is anyone planning on going to Balticon next week? Gene Wolfe and
> > Neil Gaiman are GOHs. I'm trying to figure out how many of his
> > books I can carry on the plane to get signed. :)
> >
> > Rob
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