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David DiGiacomo david at slack.com
Thu May 18 22:59:37 PDT 2006

(Sorry if no one else is interested in this admittedly off-topic

>From: jwilson at io.com (Jeff Wilson)
>> What external evidence could possibly validate the assertion?
>Interviews of many unassociated pedos over time and space. It's unlikely 
>they would come up with the same fanciful answer enough times to be 
>statistically signifigant for no reason.

That's a valid point if true.

>> If a pedophile described his motivation, even if you believed he was
>> honest, what use would it be?  Introspection can't explain biology.
>Apparently, it's useful for writing stories.

Wait a second, I missed something - are you saying that Wolfe used this
idea of innocence in describing Baldanders's catamite?  How exactly?

Also, I was struck by this "wilson&cox" quote:

>In this study, subjects were asked to describe the characteristics they 
>found attractive in children. They cited personality traits slightly more 
>often than physical traits. Personality traits included openness, 
>curiosity, spontaneity, enthusiasm, lack of inhibition, innocence, honesty, 
>and affection. Physical traits included good looks, smooth skin, 
>attractive eyes, slim stature, and lack of pubic hair.

These traits are just our societal norms of attractiveness.  They are
not unique to children.

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