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Thu May 18 21:44:29 PDT 2006

David DiGiacomo wrote:

>>>>Pedophiles are often attracted to children because of their perceived
>>>I know this is not really relevant to Wolfe, but... this assertion just
>>>has me floored.  Where did this idea come from?  How could anyone possibly
>>>know?  What does "often" mean?  
>>Pedophilia has been studied and profiled the same way most criminal 
>>pathologies have been. "Often" here means a behavior shared by a 
>>significant portion of the group studied.
> Yes, but this statement is about motivation, not behavior.
> As I said, how could anyone know?
> What external evidence could possibly validate the assertion?

Interviews of many unassociated pedos over time and space. It's unlikely 
they would come up with the same fanciful answer enough times to be 
statistically signifigant for no reason.

> If a pedophile described his motivation, even if you believed he was
> honest, what use would it be?  Introspection can't explain biology.

Apparently, it's useful for writing stories.

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