(urth) 17 megatherians

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Thu May 18 21:43:58 PDT 2006

bsharp wrote:
>Since the Ascians, the slaves of Erebus, have often been compared to
>communist/socialist societies (Group of 17, Gang Of Four?), the possibility
>of a 17 member Politburo as inspiration is appealing.  I think there is
>circumstantial evidence to suggest Wolfe is no fan of communism.  But my
>research suggests the  typical politburo membership was 12-15 in the USSR
>and 7 for the equivalent in China. Why pick 17 to be important?

Fwiw, according to M.A.-D. in LEXICON URTHUS, "The number seventeen alludes
to the Soviet politburo, which typically had seventeen members (eleven to
twelve full members and six to nine alternate members)." (p-118)


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