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I agree with Dan'l. I have always read Baldanders to be a human who, like Typhon, used science/technology to enhance himself.


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>The text, of course. Baldanders is a human scientist attempting
>to achieve a kind of godhood. If this isn't clear, I can only say,
>read more closely, especially the sequence (in CLAW) where the
>touring company breaks up and, of course, the sequence (in
>SWORD) in the castle by Lake Diuturna.
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>> And you base your unequivocal conclusion upon...?
>> On 5/17/06, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes <danldo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Ummm ... no. Baldy is not a "baby Abaia," he is a human who
>> > aspires to the state of Abaiahood. Given that Abaia seems to
>> > be a kind of demonic being, this is equivalent to saying that
>> > Baldanders is almost utterly corrupt. He is, I think, an example
>> > of the "secular sorceror" that affectionate uncle Screwtape
>> > tells his nephew will be Hell's ultimate achievement.
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>> > --Dan'l
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