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>From the muscially-gifted b sharp:

>Thanks (once again) to Roy for the correction. As a new guy, I really do
>appreciate them.  Robert Borski didn't miss the catamite as I thought. 
>I don't have Solar Labyrinth here to check but the explanation for the
>catamite you cite from him  is hard to swallow.
>Its been a few months since Baldanders and Severian parted. How was there
>time for a Severian fathered baby to gestate and be born? Who was the 
>(Dorcas or Jolenta or Juturna or ?)?

The theory, as I understand it, posits Juturna as mother. As an undine she 
has mastery over time, so neither the baby's age nor size needs to be 
accounted for. In regards to the latter Baldander tells us that he has 
"labored three liftetimes" to get to his present size; accelerating growth, 
whether one's own or a baby's, therefore seems problematic.

>From finagain, not gilligan:

>Wow. Now I'm *really* confused. I don't have text references available, but
>I always thought it was axiomatic that Baldanders was a baby Abaia -- and 
>such, an alien infant dropped or otherwise delivered to Urth

"I had already concluded," says Sev, "that when the islanders told me of a 
small man who paid for the building of this place, they were speaking of the 
doctor. But they said that you, the giant, had come afterward.''

"I was the small man," admits Baldanders. "The doctor came afterward."

Hence Baldanders (note the German name) is both Dr. Frankenstein *and* his 
monster -- a fact alluded to by Dr. Talos in his "The castle? The monster? 
The man of learning?" speech, found in Chapter XXXV of -Sword_.


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