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maru dubshinki marudubshinki at gmail.com
Tue May 9 18:41:38 PDT 2006

In 5/9/06, Russell Wodell <wrustle at telus.net> wrote:
> I wonder if it might make sense to begin by building the wiki section on the
> Latro novels, since (a) they are relatively self-contained and (b) "Soldier
> of Sidon" is due this fall and many readers will be re-familiarizing
> themselves with the first two books.
> On a totally separate note: Has anyone else wondered why Wolfe has never
> referred to the two most famous vulpine authors: Thomas Wolfe and Virginia
> Woolf?
> Russell Wodell

It would be a good idea, but as many people have discovered to their
rue on many different wikis, it's hard to force volunteers to do a
particular subset of the ToDo list.  I know I don't have any of the
Soldier series, so it would be fairly difficult for me, at least.


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