(urth) Hethor

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Sat May 6 20:28:46 PDT 2006

Thanks to Macronaut and mourning's glory for those posts on Hethor. So it 
seems we have two contenders for Hethor on Tzadkiel's ship. Is one a red 

One is big blonde Purn (if only he was Pern...) who feeds the dying pets 
(though seems unlikely to be a cook). And the other is "a little man with 
dirty gray hair like Hethor" who might be a lieutenant...to a captain of the 
jibers, who is subsequently killed...elevating Hethor to captain? Would 
Wolfe be so devious as to disguise Hethor with a simile?

Also that little gray guy is in a very weird scene which I forgot about.  
Sev is alone after scaring off Zak when a forcefield seems to catch and hold 
him. He is captured (or maybe killed again?) by a group of jibers and forced 
to watch a movie clip showing a "semblance" of himself as autarch in his 
court.  He is told to imitate the semblance or be killed.

What is all this about and why is this "semblance" so important as to rate 
its own chapter?

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