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>Actually I believe it was mentioned, or apparent from context.. I seem to
>remember Mamelta maybe telling Silk about the landers coming and going (Why
>don't I just get a second copy of them all here for my office?!) .

Perhaps Mamelta said so, but I seem to remember a flashback from Maytera 
Marble, too (instead?).  She was herded onto the lander and has a clear 
memory of admiring one of the chem soldiers who was standing guard.  I think 
that was in Lake or Calde otLS

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>It is a
>hollowed out asteroid, so it would seem almost senseless to bring it down,
>fill it up and launch something like a small moon into orbit. The mind
>boggles alone on the energy required to get something of that size to
>7miles/sec (escape velocity)
>And the Wall around Nessus? Well- it is probably just a wall (though a feat
>of engineering that one could live their whole life in). Wolfe hides things
>in things, very, very true, but sometimes I think too much is read into
>things that just are themselves.
>On 5/5/06, pthwndxrclzp <aquastor at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I always assumed the Whorl was constructed entirely in orbit around Urth.
>>Though I realize now this assumption was not based on anything actually
>>stated in the books.
>>On 5/5/06, mournings glory <mourningsglory at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > I believe the Quasar could easily contain the Citadel in one of its
>> > smaller bays, but now that you mention it once wondered if the Wall 
>> > Nessus might not have been an ancient spaceship cradle -- perhaps built 
>> > hold the early stages of Typhon's Whorl?
>> >
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