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Well, as I said, I don't have my books, so it's quite
possible I'm misremembering. Thanks for the


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> > > I don't know of any other characters who are
> > > described as having very large
> > > violet or purple eyes
> >I don't have my books with me, but Noctua, who is
> the
> >naviscaput's daughter, has violet eyes, as does
> >Valeria. There are more that I can't recall, but I
> >think you are right that they're related in some
> way.
> >Ah, yes, Katharine, Severian's mother, also has
> violet
> >eyes.
> Mr. Doggett:
> Either you're misremembering, have a variant text,
> or I'm looking in all the 
> wrong places.
> Noctua is "luminous of eye" "and the light that is
> in them is not of Urth" 
> -- "she, whose eyes held starlight."
> Katharine, meanwhile, is "dark of complexion, dark
> of eye" -- like her son, 
> who has brown eyes. (Genetically, there is no way a
> violet-eyed mother and a 
> blue-eyed Ouen could have a child with brown eyes.)
> As for Valeria, "She had dark, curling hair, like
> Thecla's, but her eyes 
> were dark too. Thecla's were violet." Here Severian
> deliberately contrasts 
> the two women's eye color. (Perhaps, in Valeria's
> paraphrase of "I am all 
> the daughters of my father's house, And all the
> brothers too," you are 
> confusing her with Twelfth Night's Viola -- whose
> name indeed suggests 
> violet.)
> Two others, however, come a little closer to violet,
> if not all the way 
> there.
> Apheta's eyes are "large and luminous and of the
> deep, deep blue of her sea, 
> unfaded by age." While the little girl Sev
> encounters in the antechamber of 
> the House Absolute has "sparkling midnight eyes."
> So it seems b sharp's original assertion is still
> correct.
> em
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