(urth) Shadows of the New Sun

Jonathan and Rachel ultan01 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 8 11:26:06 PDT 2006

Just thought I'd update the list with news of Peter
Wright's book SHADOWS OF THE NEW SUN originally
announced by Liverpool University press for last year,
this year.

 Well the current plan is for March 2007, having
spoken to an editor at the press. 

The book does exist - I've read a manuscript - and it
is very good. It reprints a good selection of
interviews with Gene Wolfe covering from the first
publication of Shadow of the Torturer to recent
interviews with James Jordan. It also reprints a good
selection of prose writing by Wolfe, including "Books
in the Book of the New Sun" last reprinted in Plan(e)t

It isn't listed on the Liverpool University Press
website yet, and I doubt pestering them would do any
good. They also produce Wright's study of GW,
Attending Daedalus, and I would be remiss in my duty
if I didn't draw your attention to their catalogue.


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