(urth) Unhappiness with fantasy writing

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Sorry to begin by hijacking your post...but I am similarly dismayed by what
I see as both Charles Stross' and John C. Wright's almost simultaneous shift
from deft and enthralling sf  to clunky, contrived, half-hearted fantasy.
Their sf is terrific, though.

Back to the original topic, as for Ms. Jones, wow, I'm heading to the
bookstore tomorrow <grin>. Thanks!

And to try to keep things on-topic for the group at large, I'm surprised I
haven't heard mention of either David Herter or Alexander Jablokov, both of
whom strike me as being quite favorably Wolfean in their style, erudition,
and recurrent bouts of playfully deliberate obscurity....

On 6/14/06, PMorris33 at aol.com <PMorris33 at aol.com> wrote:
>  I've long been an admirer of Gwyneth Jones.  Her first science fiction
> book "Divine Endurance" was a perfect gem.  And her book of criticism,
> "Deconstructing The Starships" is simply the best science fiction criticism
> I've ever read, *pace* Kingley Amis and John Clute.
> But I'm having trouble with her fantasy series "Bold As Love".  What's
> happened to that beautiful Englishwoman?  She's gone dead on the page.
> Is anyone else in the group a reader of Gwen Jones?
> I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
> Thanks to all of you
> Pip
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