(urth) Looking for dictionary recommedations

Macronaut macronaut at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 12 07:27:16 PDT 2006

You might also consider the DVD version of the OED. 
Much easier to search, and it's far cheaper.


--- Kate Savage <katesavage2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am looking for dictionary recommendations. I would
> like to purchase a good reference book for all those
> obscure word's Wolfe use that I have never seen
> before. I am thinking if getting a used copy of the
> Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary but
> it isn't the handiest format for casually looking up
> unfamiliar words. I am also thinking of the
> Webster's Third New International Dictionary,
> Unabridged. 
>   Any other suggestions?
>   Thanks in advance.
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