(urth) Looking for dictionary recommedations

Mark Millman millman at heimdallr.dyndns.org
Sun Jun 11 23:35:03 PDT 2006


You might also want to get a copy of _Mrs.
Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and
Preposterous Words_, by Josefa Heifetz Byrne.
Wolfe has referred to it in, I believe, an
essay or an interview, and it has some words
that are tough to find even in the OED.

Then there's always _The Castle of the Otter_,
collected in _Castle of Days_ but frequently
available on the secondary market, and
Michael Andre-Driussi's _Lexicon Urthus_,
though this latter is very difficult to find,
and usually quite costly when found.  I have
a copy of _Castle_ I can give you--let me
know by private e-mail whether or not you al-
ready have a copy--but the three copies of
the _Lexicon_ I found are $225 (abebooks),
$250 (Amazon), and $495 (!--abebooks again),

Or you personally may send me vocabulary
lists if you like, and I'll send definitions.
(This offer available only to Kate Savage.)


On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, Kate Savage wrote:

> I am looking for dictionary recommen-
> dations. I would like to purchase a
> good reference book for all those ob-
> scure word's Wolfe use that I have
> never seen before. I am thinking if
> getting a used copy of the Compact
> Edition of the Oxford English Dic-
> tionary but it isn't the handiest
> format for casually looking up unfa-
> miliar words. I am also thinking of
> the Webster's Third New Internation-
> al Dictionary, Unabridged.
> Any other suggestions?
> Thanks in advance.

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