(urth) Father Inire

Jeff Wilson jwilson at io.com
Sun Jun 11 14:57:24 PDT 2006

b sharp wrote:
> In response to the possibility of Isangoma and later the jungle guide being 
> Father Inire
> Jeff Wilson notes:
>>However, Isangoma is butt naked; nothing to hide Inire's nonhuman nature or 
>>his ultratech gadgets.
> True, he is, and so is the jungle guide (except for a mask, hiding eyes?) 
> and his young twin assistants.  All four of these guys have dark 
> metallic-looking skin.  Sounds a bit alien to me. This might be Father 
> Inire's true form.

No more alien than Doc Savage, or any number of other melanin-rich 
characters of literature.  But Inire should have some obvious nonhuman 
feature to be considered a "cacogen," particularly in a metropolis where 
visible bionic limbs are commonplace and people with animal heads are 
merely unusual.

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