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On 6/9/06, pthwndxrclzp <aquastor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ah, so let me get this straight. Anyone who disagrees
>  with your opinions on literary quality is a child?

No; but I do think that anyone who confuses "writer I
don't like" with "egregiously untalented," or confuses
their personal opinions with facts ("Donaldson's early
prose is mind-numbingly unreadable" as opposed to
"I find Donaldson's early prose mind-numbingly unreadable")
has a bit of semantic maturing to do.

Nonetheless, I should not have written my previous
comment in such a blatantly insulting manner, and I
apologize for that.

> Your mileage may well vary, Grandpa.

My mileage usually varies; I drive many different roads.
And, while I could in theory be a grandfather (my
elder child will be 24 this year), I'm not.

> As for able fantasy stylists, I prefer the work of folks like
> Gene Wolfe, C.S. Friedman, Mervyn Peake, John Myers
> Myers, Jennifer Stevenson, John C. Wright, Lois McMaster
> Bujold, even George R.R. Martin.

I was with you part of the way -- of those in this list I've
read, I find them better stylists than the early Donaldson
(though even there, if you check out his non-Covenant
short stories, collected in _Daughter of Regals_, you
may be in for a bit of a shock). B ut when you get to
Lois McMaster Bujold ... I have never successfully read
a single book of hers, and I've tried several. This is my
problem; I know she's a well-respected writer, and I
know better than to confuse "bad writer" with "writer I
don't like."

But then, so is Donaldson a well-respected writer,
except among people who apparently can't make
that not-terribly-complex distinction.

> But then, you probably like *Tolkien*.... <shudder>

Indeed I do; and Lewis and Williams -- but for very
different reasons (and only one of them as a stylist).

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