(urth) single parent families

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Well, only children are another of Wolfe's themes that he's mentioned in 
essays - I can't refer to the originals, but they are quoted in Wright's 
book, "Attending Daedelus" - given that he was an only child.

If we're going to do a survey of this, though, I think we should focus 
mainly on the novels. I don't think anyone's mentioned the odd family 
situation of Art Ormsby yet.

> > Re: (urth) single parent families
>La Befana (short story) has an "ideal" two parent + two kids + incoming
>grandmother family. With only a six-legged alien as a neighbour.
>The War beneath the Tree is a slow-burning horror story in a perfect 2p+1c
>"Pandora" by Holly Hollander is a novel about a 2p+1c family too.
>Those three from memory.
>But memory can be suspect.
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