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Hello Adrian,

Friday, June 2, 2006, 5:55:52 AM, you wrote:

> "The Increate maintains all things in order surely; and the theologians
> say light is his shadow.  Must it not be then that in darkness order 
> grows ever less, flowers leaping from nothingness into a girl's fingers
> just as by light in spring they leap from mere filthiness into air?  
> Perhaps when night closes our eyes there is less order than we believe.
>   Perhaps, indeed, it is this lack of order we perceive as darkness, a
> randomization of the waves of energy (like a sea), the fields of energy
> (like a farm) that appear to our deluded eyes -- set by light in an 
> order of which they themselves are incapable -- to be the real world."

> (Shadow, chap. 24)

> Can any of the wise folk on this list lay hold of antecedents for this
> gem.. some musings of St. Thomas, perhaps, or some other of those 
> remarkable intellects of Christian theology little known today?  Yet 
> connecting so beguilingly with the physicist's conceptions of entropy 
> and measurement?

That's a good joke. He makes it seem like his usual Kabbalistic or
neoplatonic influences, and this is simply straightforward quantum

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