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Hello Andy,

Saturday, June 10, 2006, 9:05:54 AM, you wrote:

> Dan'l Danehy-Oakes writes: 

>> At any rate, you have but to mention his name in most
>> fannish contexts to get people urgghing, which I think a
>> pity: 

> Google "clench racing Donaldson" for an (unfair) titter at his expence

This is a brilliant essay by Langford:

"The well-tempered Plot Device"


 "Covenant saw. The Staff of Plot. Destroyed. For the Staff of Plot
 had been formed by Berek Halfhand as a tool to serve and uphold the
 Plot. He had fashioned the Staff from a limb of the One Tree as a way
 to wield Earthpower in defence of the health of the Land, in support
 of the natural order of life. And because Earthpower was the strength
 of mystery and spirit, the Staff became the thing it served. It was
 the Plot; the Plot was incarnate in the Staff. The tool and its
 purpose were one. And the Staff had been destroyed. That loss had
 weakened the very fibre of the Plot. A crucial support was withdrawn,
 and the Plot faltered."

 By the way- he, after reading "Shadow" and "Claw", prematurely accuses Wolfe of the same - that is,
 that the Claw is merely a plot device. - Wolfe as usual made it
 appear that way at first, later to explain that the Claw was
 essentially worthless in itself.

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