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I got a hardcover copy of Lexicon Urthus from Amazon.com a year or two ago for around $25. I can't imagine it's that hard to get. You may be better off with ebay than online booksellers. They have delusions of grandeur sometimes ($495!).


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>You might also want to get a copy of _Mrs.
>Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and
>Preposterous Words_, by Josefa Heifetz Byrne.
>Wolfe has referred to it in, I believe, an
>essay or an interview, and it has some words
>that are tough to find even in the OED.
>Then there's always _The Castle of the Otter_,
>collected in _Castle of Days_ but frequently
>available on the secondary market, and
>Michael Andre-Driussi's _Lexicon Urthus_,
>though this latter is very difficult to find,
>and usually quite costly when found.  I have
>a copy of _Castle_ I can give you--let me
>know by private e-mail whether or not you al-
>ready have a copy--but the three copies of
>the _Lexicon_ I found are $225 (abebooks),
>$250 (Amazon), and $495 (!--abebooks again),
>Or you personally may send me vocabulary
>lists if you like, and I'll send definitions.
>(This offer available only to Kate Savage.)
>On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, Kate Savage wrote:
>> I am looking for dictionary recommen-
>> dations. I would like to purchase a
>> good reference book for all those ob-
>> scure word's Wolfe use that I have
>> never seen before. I am thinking if
>> getting a used copy of the Compact
>> Edition of the Oxford English Dic-
>> tionary but it isn't the handiest
>> format for casually looking up unfa-
>> miliar words. I am also thinking of
>> the Webster's Third New Internation-
>> al Dictionary, Unabridged.
>> Any other suggestions?
>> Thanks in advance.
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