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Sun Jun 11 20:37:29 PDT 2006

Since the group's attention seems to have turned to debating "bad fantasy  
writing", may I be allowed to comment on my current attempts to read the "Bold  
As Love" series by Gwyneth Jones.
I have long admired Ms. Jones, both as a a sci fi writer and a  critic.  Her 
first sci fi book "Divine Endevour" was a perfect little  gem.  A view of a 
post-holocaust future, interestingly set in a future  Malaysian penninsula.  And 
her collection of essays, "Deconstructing The  Starships" seems to me, to be 
the very best critical work on sci fi I've ever  encountered, pace Kingley 
Amis and John Clute.
So I've been looking forward to reading "Bold As Love" and am now. sorely  
disappointed.  The crisp intelligence of her previous work as disappeared,  lost 
in a squlid attempt to elevate rock and roll to a potent magical  force.  
Don't get me wrong, I'll read the entire four books of the "Bold As  Love" 
series, but I am SO weary and disappointed.  
Thanks to all of you, I hope this isn't too "off-topic"
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