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b sharp wrote:
> 3. Isangoma- He is old though being short, bent or twisted is not mentioned. 
> But Wolfe explicitly notes his resemblance to the shape-shifting jungle 
> guide with the monkey head pole.  He is found in one of Father Inire's main 
> haunts, The Botanic Gardens.  He isn't said to look like a monkey but he 
> mentions monkeys in a story and invokes baby uakaris in his cant.  When we 
> meet him, Marie is reading a Bibilcal passage to him- God's curse on Moses, 
> the shepherd of the Chosen People, to never see the Promised Land himself. 
> This could suggest Inire's role in BotNS.

However, Isangoma is butt naked; nothing to hide Inire's nonhuman nature 
or his ultratech gadgets.

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