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> As a BotNS fanatic I have noticed a complete absence (I think, any
> exceptions?) of "normal" two parent families in the series. All the child
> characters have either one or zero parents to interact with.  The closest we
> see to an intact nuclear family is Casdoe's, but of course her chapter is
> titled "the Widow".  From my lesser familiarity with his other works, I
> think this trend might extend to the greater Wolfe universe but I'm not
> sure.  Anyone else have thoughts on this?


It's certainly true of 5HC -- #5 has only Maitre, the shadow-child
doesn't have much of a paternal presence (vague memory, y'know),
and VRT's mum vanished years ago.

It's true of Patera Silk, who had no "present" father.

It's true of PEACE; Weer's parents are both alive during his
childhood but noticeably "absent."

Arthur Ormsby's family situation prior to falling into the Seven
Worlds in TWK is ambiguous at best; it _seems_ that he's
being raised by his older brother Ben.

The biggest exception seems to be Horn's happy household
on Blue: both parents are there to raise the kids, at least until
he wanders off to find Silk.


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