(urth) Short Story ID?

Jesper Svedberg jsvedberg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 10:26:15 PDT 2006

Michael Straight skrev:
> I'm trying to remember the name of one of Wolfe's older short stories.  
> It's told from two points of view - one, some sort of archeologist type 
> character writing a report and seeing the action of the story from a 
> scientific point of view, the other, from the native alien's point of 
> view who sees the action as magical/mythical.  I think maybe the alien 
> point of view is in italics throughout. 
> I'm pretty sure it's not in Endangered Species, Island of Doctor Death 
> and Other Stories and Other Stories, or any of the collections after 
> I'd been calling it "Thag" in my head, but just realized that "Thag" is 
> a totally different story.

This might be "Trip, Trap", found in _Storeys from the Old Hotel_. I 
haven't got the collection with me at the moment, but I seem to remember 
it being told alternately from the rational viewpoint of the visiting 
human and the magical viewpoint of the native alien.

   // Jesper

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