(urth) Disingenous Gene

b sharp bsharporflat at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 25 07:45:38 PDT 2006

Twice in recent posts, Gene Wolfe has been accused of being disingenuous in 
interviews.  Another Lupinology truism?

My dictionary calls the word:
>adjective: lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance of simple 
>frankness : CALCULATING

I see the opposite.  In interviews, (and his essay on Tolkein) he seems to 
me to be genuinely frank and candid, which includes letting an interviewer 
know which questions he doesn't like to answer.  But for those who do see 
him as disingenuous I am interested in specific examples, and what you think 
his motive for it might be.

Is it just his evasive personality, which is thus reflected in both his 
writing and his speech? Or a deliberate attempt to make sure nobody can ever 
understand his stories?  Or..?

At the risk of sounding rude, I can't help but think the disingenous 
accusation is a way of preserving a personal pet theory when Wolfe's 
interview answers contradict. But I am interested in opposing views.


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