(urth) Agia/Hypogeon

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Sun Jul 23 01:12:28 PDT 2006

Besides "Theoanthropos", Agia calls on another entity in Shadow:  
"Well, high Hypogeon help you." (Ch 18)

"Hypogeon" presumably means something like "the one under the 
earth", and this neatly ties in to the man-ape cave scene and the 
being the Claw disturbs there - my guess is that Agia worships this 
being, and knows about the cave because of that.  

A suprising thing about Agia is that she cares about religion. 
She's the one who tutors Sev in the history of the Claw and the 
Pelerines; she understands that the Conciliator is the "master of 
Power" and may transcend time; she knows that a particular building 
is the "mensal of the monachs"; when Sev fils to die in the avern 
combat, she shouts, "Sacrilege!"  This last reminds me of Jonah's 
description of the notules; used on some far distant world for 
ritual murders - perhaps the averns have a similar story, and 
Hethor is Agia's and Agilus' tutor in devil-thing-worship?


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