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In medicine, "teratoid" means resembling a teras, or grotesquely deformed.
(A teras is a deformed embryo.)

An online version of Webster's defines "teratoid" as "resembling a monster."

In short, "teratoid symbols" would not at all resemble a  contemporary
radiation hazard warning sign, but would be either grossly deformed
or monstrous-looking symbols.

On 7/25/06, b sharp <bsharporflat at hotmail.com> wrote:
> In a recent criticism of my Urth before Earth ideas, one anonymous reviewer
> asserted that Earth must be in the past of Urth because of
> "the radiation hazard warning signs in the House Absolute, the radioactive
> isotopes in the mine at Saltus which have decayed to stable, non-radioactive
> heavy metals"
> Are these Lupinology world truisms or the foibles of this one person?
> Regarding radiation hazard warning signs, I have seen mention of them in the
> past but I didn't know it was accepted dogma as explanation for the teratoid
> symbols which seem to mark Father Inire's areas.  Worth addressing.
> I think the interpretation is a mistake, though understandable.  Radiation
> sources are often referred to as "teratogenic" but radiation is only one of
> a number of teratogens. The terato prefix means malformed.  And its roots
> are from Greek for monster (or portent).
> I suspect Wolfe intended that interpretation for Father Inire.
> -bsharp
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