(urth) Soldier of Sidon info?

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ARCs usually have plain paper covers with only some type giving the
publishing information and noting that it is an ARC.

On 7/24/06, HHR <hubert.rogers at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> I think I read on the mailing list a while back that some people had
> already got their advance copies of Sidon to review. If so, then can
> we have any general impressions please :-) (spoiler free of course)
> What's the front cover like?
> In Mist and Arete I always hoped Latro would venture beyond Greece
> and Thrace. In an IRC interview Wolfe said that the 3rd book was set
> in Persian occupied Egypt, which is bound to be fascinating, though I
> sure hope that Latro travels to the Levant at least. Any of Sidon/
> Tyre/Byblos/Gaza/Jerusalem would be great to visit.
> Anticipation!!!!
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