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On 7/21/06, Jeff Wilson <jwilson at io.com> wrote:
> Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:
> >>If there was no Incarnation, who was Crucified?
> >
> > The son of Joseph and Mary, who was both enlightened
> > and possessed by the Outsider.
> How can we tell the difference?

Since it's fiction, we don't have to 8*)

Frankly, I think Wolfe kind of wrote himself into a
corner here -- by having Urth's history _so_ parallel to
Earths, he put himself in a position where there _had_
to be something indistinguishable from the Christian
Church. But the Incarnation has to be an _utterly_
unique event (says Christian theology). So the "man
possessed and enlightened by the Outsider" who winds
up getting crucified (in Silk's vision) is historically
indistinguishable from the Theoanthropos...

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