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A point or two.

1. Wolfe is his ancient interview with me makes it clear that Severian's 
God is the Christian God, and that he is a "Christian figure," a person 
seeking by grace to grow out of a horrible background, still deeply flawed 
for all that, but becoming more Christlike, which is what grace is supposed 
to do.

2. While Wolfe uses the heirarchy of angels notion, the God at the top is 
not that of pure neoplatonism. Remember that the "real" conciliator is the 
Theoanthropos, who set salvation in motion. Severian as conciliator is 
carrying forward but an aspect of His work.

3. Not that this is all that obvious. As I've mentioned before, the first 
time I read the original quartet, I figured Severian to be an antichrist, 
like Number 5.

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