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I was of course aware of the references to communism in these passages, and 
even caught the references to Mao's little red book. Apparently my 
historical knowledge is inadequate, though, because I hadn't been aware that 
the Chinese had attempted to force their population to communicate *only* 
through these little sayings in order to ensure correct thought and total 

I apologize for my ignorance in making the comparison.

>On 1/29/06, Chris <rasputin_ at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > with the Ascians speaking a sort of Newspeak.
>...sigh, here we go again...
>Folks, the Ascians are _not_ speaking "a sort of Newspeak."
>They're speaking a parody of Chairman Mao Thought, the
>logical end-result of people running around quoting from the
>Little Red Book. The Ascians are a resuscitation of the
>"Yellow Peril" of the pulp stories Wolfe is generally revivifying
>in the New Sun books.
>Yes, I _know_ it's pronounced "uh-SHAY-yun" and I know
>what it's supposed to mean, but if you really believe that
>Wolfe didn't consciously intend us to think, at least glancingly,
>of "Asians," you're not giving him enough credit for deviosity
>or deviousness or whatever the nominal form of "devious" is
>supposed to be. Making it uh-SHAY-yuns is a way to dance
>around being called racist, in a book all full of hypostasized
>racial theories.
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