(urth) Apricots at the Piteous Gate

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> > No, something happened inside the long tunnel through the 
> wall that was so
> > frightening and immediate a threat as to cause the 
> travelers to panic trying
> > to get away from it. They fled to the closest exit, some, 
> like the man on
> > the wagon who struck Dorcas
> >
> > That was the chap, was it not, on whom Severian inflicted 
> the excruciation
> > he referred to as "Two Apricots"? For some reason, that 
> brief, two-word
> > title always made my skin crawl. :<
> >
> he said he was planning on performing that excruciation on the man,
> but the guy got trampled first (pretty lucky, really).

Blimey, you're right. :) You'd think I'd remember that, given that I read
the books annually.

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