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Mon Apr 3 20:29:45 PDT 2006

Welcome aboard, Anjruu.

Feel free to post away, but please be aware that many of your questions 
about New/Long Sun may have already been addressed, so if you can, kindly 
check the archives first -- people who have new or interesting things to say 
about these works will always be welcomed here, I'd venture to say, but 
nOObs who haven't done their homework or want to cut to the front of the 
line are only dissing those of us who've paid their dues in more legitimate 

Also try not to be too insulted or hurt if no one agrees with you; despite 
frequently leveled charges of heresy by various individuals (including me), 
there is no orthodoxy here.


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>Hi. I just joined the list and I was saying hello. I've read Book of the  
>Sun and the first half of Book of the Long Sun and was wondering what the
>spoiler policy was.

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