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> This is another post I made in May of 2003 that I was most impressed with reading it again.  This will be the last repost - just thought this was some important stuff.
> "Latro offends Hera or Gaea by fighting in her temple (in the books, Gaea 
> and Hera are blended together and oppose the triple goddess, who is 
> Echidna(enodia)+Moon (Selene) + Huntress) The sphinx is identified by Latro as 
> Gaea (!) in chapter 29 of Soldier of Arete.  this would make her Hera, who 
> would be Ares mother (I am your mother, and your mother's mother).

It seems inappropriate for Hercules to tutor Ares either on wrestling or 
on the wisdom of throwing a wrestling match.

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