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Thu Oct 27 12:02:21 PDT 2005

As an addendum to my previous posts, the most startling change is the one that overtakes Svon.  He runs repeatedly throughout, is trounced by Toug who becomes his squire, and then winds up marrying Idnn and wearing Ravd's armor, fighting valiantly and bravely.  When does this change occur?  Why?  Are we to believe that he stayed and protected Ravd's body?  I think so, because the ghost of Ravd appears watching over him as he walks down a hall, according to Toug. Either that, or Ravd forgives him his weakness.

Even Toug's sister goes off looking to find Able, and instead finds a stable family life that she is satisfied with.  Its as if everybody gets what they want, but not exactly how they first envisioned it.

Marc Aramini

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