(urth) Idnn (was Re: Marcus v. Franzen = Unexpected Wolfe sighting)

David DiGiacomo david at slack.com
Wed Oct 26 09:32:24 PDT 2005

>>Idnn was an opportunist who cared only about becoming queen.
>>The frost giant women who followed her died for nothing, as did
>I'm simply appalled at this interpretation. As I recall, all she wanted
>nothing more than to get out of it. After the marriage took place she chose
>to do her duty.

Other than her comments to Able, we don't see her making any effort to
avoid the marriage.  Garvaon was available to rescue her, but she seemed
to be holding out for a younger and more handsome knight.

I'm sure you will have noted her pompous, "queenly" style of speech after
the marriage.  I think that Wolfe is trying to tell us that Idnn's
ambitions and weaknesses were the same as her father's.

>The frost giants did not do their duty by their queen. Honor was not in
>their nature. The frost giant women did.

Yes, but does Idnn honor her duty to her subjects?  She leads them into war
on behalf of another kingdom (and species), in a land where it's too hot
for them to survive.  Perhaps that's honorable in the context of the
Valfather battle religion, but I don't think it would be by the standards
of a higher world.

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